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Zdroj: http://www.eagle-research.com Newsletter / George Wiseman

2. George-ovi se podarilo dokazat, ze benzinovy motor nemusi mit klapku v sani - pokud bezi vyhradne na vypary benzinu. Pouzit byl upraveny system HYCO 2A a 4kW generator. Tahle uprava by mela byt pouzitelna na prakticky vsechny benzinove 4-taktni motory. Kalkulace ukazuji, ze udrzovat podtlak v sani stoji stejne energie, jak pohyb auta 35 mil/hod.

Z jineho soudka - brownuv plyn
3. Konzistentne se dari dosahovat ucinnosti 100% pri vyvinu BP v systemech HYZOR. Podrobny popis uprav vyjde v zime.
Nahodne se take podarilo prokazat 200% vyvinu, presne parametry se jeste zkoumaji. Nekolik lidi momentalne pracuje na overeni.

Plne zneni:
5 ~ Eagle-Research on eBay

So much is happening behind the scenes these days. I have lots of exciting news. Here are a few items: I'll cover more in the next eNotice.

1. We have started renovations in our new home. It will be at least a year before we can actually live in it though :) It takes time and money :)

2. I have successfully proven that gasoline engines do NOT need a throttle plate if they are running on vapor fuel (I used a modified HyCO 2A system on a 4 KW RV generator). This ONE thing would half the fuel consumption of nearly every (gasoline powered) engine on the planet. It takes a LOT of fuel to maintain the engine vacuum so that the gasoline can (partially) vaporize. It is calculated that it takes as much energy to maintain the vacuum as it takes to move a vehicle down the road at 35 mph. This is BIG!

3. We now consistently achieve 10 MMW (100% efficient) in our HyZor systems. I will be putting the instructions on how to retrofit current HyZors (A, B and C versions) to this new standard into the HyZor Resources sometime this Winter.

The REALLY exciting news is that (using a modification discovered by accident) we are now frequently reaching 20 MMW. We are working on narrowing down the parameters to keep that efficiency consistent. I'm currently having several people duplicate the technique. This will be the D version HyZor.

4. As I've been promising lots of people, we are now selling 'incidental' items on eBay. We decided to go to eBay for items that we don't list in our Eagle-Research eStore because we (currently) have only one or two in inventory.

Starting August 20/10 (at 6:30 PM) to August 30/10 I've listed:

1. a couple of HyCO 2A (unassembled) kits,

2. an ER50 tabletop Brown's Gas electrolyzer,

3. some of our EFIEs,

4. a large collection of Tesla Disk Technology papers.

5. two of our LARGE HyZor chambers (for engines > 6 liters)

6. some Pressure Regulators for people who want to apply the air pressure version of water injection or who want to build our air purge apparatus for the WaterTorches.

Here is the link to our eBay page, where you can see whatever we're currently listing, even if you are seeing this eNotice after the items above have been sold.


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